6 Common Culprits of Low Water Pressure in Your Home

Low water pressure is a very irritating problem to deal with for most homeowners. It can be very frustrating and time-consuming. Furthermore, figuring out on your own what’s wrong with your plumbing system can be confusing.

So, what are the common causes of low water pressure in your home? We have listed 6 common reasons below;

Water Supply Malfunctions

There are times when low water pressure occurs when there is seemingly nothing wrong with your plumbing. This is more likely caused by a malfunction on the public water supply system in your area. If you suspect it’s the problem, you should get in touch with your local water supply department to make sure that they are aware of the issue.

Incorrect Pipe Sizes

If you have recently fixed your plumbing system and you are experiencing a drop of water pressure, this may be due to the incorrect pipe size and specifications. This is common to homeowners who are trying to cut their budgets by hiring amateur plumbers or even doing DIY. Indeed, you can save money upfront by choosing amateurs; but the workmanship won’t be the same compared to using a qualified Aqua Maintain plumber.

Mineral Build-Up

Every pipe within your plumbing system throughout the home is susceptible to mineral build-up. Remember that water contains minerals and these can be deposited on the surface of the pipes. Over many years, the slow build-up can block the flow of water. This problem can be solved using a specialised plumbing chemical that can break down the sediments and deposits to be flushed out of the pipes.


If you are using steel or galvanised iron pipes, then corrosion can also be the cause of low water pressure. Similar to mineral build-up, corrosion can cover a huge part of the pipes which can then block the flow of water. However, this is not a quick fix, it would require a complete removal and reinstatement of new pipes which may be a costly exercise.

Faulty Taps & Fixtures

Sometimes, a suspected low water pressure problem in your plumbing system isn’t really about low PSI. The signs of low water output or slow flow may be caused by a faulty tap or fixtures. It is best to check their functionality before concluding a low pressure problem – especially if the fixtures in your home are a bit old. If this is the problem, then some simple replacements will do the job.

Pipe Leaks

Sometimes water leaks won’t be evident, especially if the broken pipes are not visible. Checking this problem can be easy. Shut off all the valves and taps in and out of your home, then record the meter reading. After a few hours, record the meter again and check for a difference. If there is an increase on the readings, then a leaking pipe is your problem.

Friendly Reminder: Although we have provided you with some ideas of what may cause low water pressure in your home, avoid doing the repairs or troubleshooting on your own. Remember that incorrect installation of pipes may cause further problems down the track, or worst, can be an extremely costly exercise. When experiencing low water pressure or any other plumbing issues for that matter, it’s best to have plumbing experts like Aqua Maintain take a look. You can contact us here at Aqua Maintain. We are a team of plumbing maintenance and emergency specialists based in Point Cook. We cover Melbourne and the rest of the Western Suburbs including Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Altona.

5 Signs You Need to Hire a Drain Repair Professional

At the start of our blog, we have provided you with some tips on drainage handling. However, sometimes it is inevitable that your kitchen, bathroom and wastewater drains at home encounter problems. A simple debris build-up on your sewage pipes, if unfixed, may result into complicated clogs that can ruin your plumbing system.

Well, we all know that any repairs related to drains or sewers can entirely be unpleasant – it will surely be messy and smelly. But worry not as we professional plumbers are here to help you. We are committed towards fixing all your plumbing issues. Thus, if you noticed these signs of drain problems, call us right away:

Smelly Drains

If there is a foul odour that comes out of your drains, there is a big possibility that your wastewater system is damaged. There can be leaks along the pipes which cause air to enter through these leaks and exit through the drain opening, creating that sewer smell. While you might think that it can be solve by masking the smell using a deodorant, it would be best to have it checked by professional plumbers so that the right steps are taken.

Slow Drainage

Do you think that the water that goes to your drains became slow-moving? Well, this is a sign of a clog. It can be a minor clog near the drain opening or it can be a serious one that can be found on your main sewage system. You may think that using a plunger will do the job, but remember that this may not be the case. Fixing this yourself may even worsen the situation. To avoid wasting your time and effort, let a drain expert help you.

Wastewater Backflow

Backflow is somehow similar to having a smelly drain (or both scenarios may also happen). However, instead of air coming out, it is water that flows back outside of the pipes out to the drains. There are lots of underlying factors that affects this, but a damaged pipe is the usual culprit. Make sure to hire a professional plumber right away to avoid further damage on your drainage system.

Gurgling Sound Inside Drain Pipes

For the common homeowner, a gurgling sound of water flowing inside the drainage is normal. But this is not the case as always. This sound may also mean that your drain pipes have accumulated a considerable amount of debris. These may include food bits, soap sudd, oil and others. The build-up creates packets of air and when water goes through them, a gurgling sound occurs. Have this checked by a professional to ensure that there’s nothing wrong with your drainage system.

Water Flooding

If leaking wastewater pipes are unchecked, especially those found in your basement or outside of your home, this may cause the build-up of water around the area. Flooding will wreck havoc in your home, especially if it is wastewater. It can cause immediate inconvenience due to its unpleasant smell while it can result to costly damage on walls and other parts of your home. If flooding occurs, call your plumber as soon as possible!

If any of these signs are present in your drainage system, make sure to call us here at Aqua Maintain. We will dispatch our team of drain repair specialist to fix your problem. We prioritise quality service, thus you are rest assured that our workmanship is of top class. You can get in touch with us anytime of the day, any day of the week. We service the whole Melbourne including the Western Suburbs of Point Cook, Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Altona.


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