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Advantages of Using High Tech Video Camera for Plumbing

Are you aware that video camera equipment are now becoming one of the most important tools that a plumber should have? Well, this high tech gadgetry brings efficiency to most emergency plumbing jobs such as clearing blocked drains or toilets. And we at Aqua Maintain are using this technology for quite some time now, enabling us to deliver quality service to our clients.

A plumbing video camera is a specialised waterproof device connected to a monitor or a screen. It delivers a video feed that enables professional plumbers to easily inspect sewer lines, drains and other types of piping. This process reduces the time needed to detect cracks, blockages, leaks and other plumbing problems.

Clearly, using video inspection equipment for plumbing jobs has many advantages.

Eliminates the Guesswork

Oldschool plumbers, most of the time, rely solely on their experience when it comes to diagnosing a plumbing problem. This means that they’ll be gathering information from the owner on the signs or indications of the problem and they’ll do guesswork to pinpoint the problem and the corresponding solution. We are not saying that experience should be disregarded nowadays with the presence of efficient technology. However, with the use of plumbing gadgetry combined with expertise, guesswork will be eliminated and problems will be resolved quickly.

Less Invasive Diagnostic and Repairs

With the use of video camera, the plumbing problem can be detected with pinpoint accuracy. There will be no hours of digging in your backyard or punching holes on your walls just find blockages or leaks. Furthermore, accurate diagnostic also means that we’ll exactly know what to repair or replace to resolve the problem. We will know how deep to dig to reduce the damage to your garden and we will also be able to locate the leaks on your pipes without damaging your walls.

Reduced Time and Cost

You may say that using efficient technology translates to increased cost for the plumbing services that you’ll receive. Well, this is not the case actually. With the efficiency that a plumbing video camera brings on the table, you’ll be able to save money on repairs the fact that the problem will be solved at the first visit. You should also factor in the other costs involved such as in digging and returning your garden at its previous state.

Other Practical Uses

Video pipe inspection equipment are not only applicable in diagnosing plumbing problems, it is also useful on other circumstances. One of which is retrieving jewellery or other valuable stuff. If you happen to drop your ring on the sink and down to the drain, call us and we can help you locate it with the use of our high tech video gadget.

So, if you think you’ll want to have your drains or sewer pipes checked with our video equipment, sign up for the contact form below. Our team of emergency plumbers will be able to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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