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Aqua Maintain Plumbers in Action: A Week of Blocked Drains

Last week was hectic for the Aqua Maintain Plumbers. We received a heap of emergency calls from our customers, both new ones and previous clients. We are astonished that majority of them are facing problems of blocked drains and pipes. Lucky for them, they called the right local plumbers. We are equipped with high tech camera equipment that helps us easily find the cause of the problems.

Here are some of the emergency jobs that we have performed for four different clients located at four of the various locations that we service:

Blocked Toilet in Werribee

The very first client of the week was a lady calling about a clogged toilet. She told us that her son might have flushed something down, which could have caused the problem. Aqua Maintain responded urgently, and we were able to get our plumbing maintenance van out to her address within the hour.

As soon as we arrived at her home, we were able to quickly assess the situation. We found out that it was indeed a plastic action figure toy that caused the partial clogging. Fortunately, it won’t require a major plumbing surgery and a plumbing snake is enough to get the culprit out. We provided a fast solution that yielded another satisfied customer.

Blocked Gutter Drain in Hoppers Crossing

Another client was having a problem with their gutter and called us right away. When we arrived we could clearly identify that it was a clogged drain, and the cause: tons of debris in the guttering stopping the flow of water down the drain pipes.

The Aqua Maintain plumbers were able to clear the debris and release the flow of water. After that, we install a protective mesh on the inlets of the gutter pipes to prevent the debris from getting into them. We also noticed some severe rusting on the gutter and reported it to the client. They requested us to replace it with new sheets and we completed it on the same day.

Broken Underground Pipe in Altona

We received another call from a client about a blocked drainage pipe from their kitchen. We brought with us our camera equipment to look into the PVC pipes. We discovered that there was a build up of debris. We traced it and we found out that tree roots may have been the cause of the problem.

Luckily for us, the underground pipes aren’t placed deep, so we had no difficulty in digging and unearthing the section of the pipe squeezed by two large tree roots. We then rerouted the pipeline away from the tree to avoid another root problem in the future.

DIY Mayhem in Point Cook

DIY is not always the right way to go when it comes to plumbing – especially if you are facing a big problem or you are not skilful enough for the job. This was the case on a house in Point Cook. The owner fixed a burst drainage pipe in the kitchen sink on his own. While the temporary fix lasted for a couple of days, the water flow increasingly got slower and slower.

Aqua Maintain came to the rescue and we were able to find out that it was a perfect mixture of improper pipe installation and small food bits. The client ended up spending twice on the job, the fact that he bought all the plumbing supplies for his DIY and he hired us. Well, we recon he won’t be doing DIY anymore.

Blocked drainage systems are indeed one of the most common problems that households face. It is important that you’ll know who to call for the right solutions. So, whether you are from Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Altona or Point Cook, and you need an emergency plumber, call Aqua Maintain on (03) 9369 3707.


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