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The Do’s and Dont’s of Cleaning Your Drains

Wastewater drains are among the plumbing components most susceptible to problems. Of course, these fixtures are where most waste matter in your home, such as food, hair, water mineral and soap suds exit. This waste matter may cause a clog consequently blocking the drains – causing a plumbing disaster.

If drain clogs and other similar problems occur, its time to get the drain unclogged and urgently. However, you should think wisely and ask yourself, Do you really know how to fix it?

DO NOT: Use Cleaners and Decloggers

There are lots of products sold in your local supermarket thought to be formulated to clear-out or unclog your drains. However they might not be the best solution. Take note that these products are generally effective only as a quick fix. Using them may unclog your drains for a day or two but it often won’t ensure a long fix.

DO NOT: Snake the Drain Yourself

Plumbing snakes like the ones used by our professional plumbers here at Aqua Maintain are now being offered for rent. Getting one and doing the fix on your own may be your most effective way to clear your blocked drains. However, this is risky. Remember that a drain snake is made of steel, yanking and coiling it the wrong way can easily damage your pipes. This will cause you more harm than solving your drain clog. If you don’t have any idea or haven’t tried snaking before, stay away from it to avoid future plumbing disasters and expenses.

DO: Avoid Draining Out Things that can Create Clogs

Food bits, hair, liquid adhesives, grease and oil are the main culprits of blocked drains. Make sure that these things aren’t drained through your sink or shower area. You can check out our previous post for a more comprehensive guide.

DO: Hire Experts for Both Emergencies and Maintenance

To make sure that your drain problem is solved as efficient as possible, we encourage you to consider contacting a professional plumber. Aqua Maintain a specialist in emergency plumbing situations, we are equipped with the right tools and knowledge to make sure that your drains get the appropiate maintenance.

DO: Hire Professional Plumbers with Video Equipment

For very complicated drain problems, especially those that need thorough assessment, take advantage of the services offered by professional plumbers who use video cameras on their plumbing probes. This removes the guesswork on figuring out the root of the problem. It also helps minimise unnecessary damages on your property by focusing the repair only on the affected areas of your plumbing system.

Indeed, it is a more sound decision to hire expert plumbers than do the drain cleaning and unclogging on your own. If you’re located in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne, then we can be of service to you. Aqua Maintain has many years experience in the plumbingindustry. Our team of emergency plumbers cover Altona, Point Cook, Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Tarneit and Wyndham Vale.


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