In this day and age, an increasing number of people are choosing to make environmentally conscious decisions around the home. Water is a precious resource, and over the past ten years or so Melbourne has been subject to water restrictions of varying levels.

Most people have come to the realisation that here in Australia, drought and water shortages come part and parcel with our climate. In December 2012, Melbourne Water introduced permanent water restrictions designed to reduce wastage and conserve our water supplies. These rules put in place restrictions regarding the watering of residential and commercial gardens and lawns, as well as car washing.

To combat water wastage, many people choose to install a rainwater tank. If you have made the decision to have one installed, our plumbing team here at Aqua Maintain is able to assist. We have plenty of experience when it comes to installing tanks of all sizes, and we can also provide you with advice in relation to which models is best suited to your specific requirements.

When it comes to installation, we can connect all of the necessary pipes – from the downpipes leading into the tank, through to the pipes supplying water to your home and outdoor taps. Many people choose to make use of their rainwater outside – to water the garden or top up the swimming pool.

Aqua Maintain's plumber installing a rainwater tank

Rain Water Tank Types

When it comes to choosing a rainwater tank for your backyard, the most important consideration is usually how much space you have. For suburban backyard use, a small tank is generally all that is needed, as most people only need something to supplement their town water supply – not to replace it.

Tanks designed for backyard use come in a wide range of sizes, from 300L right up to 10,000L. Slimline models are very popular, as they can easily fit down the side of a house or unit. Most models designed for residential use are made from polyethylene, although steel (Colorbond) tanks are also popular.

If you want to install a rainwater tank, contact the team at Aqua Maintain today for advice and assistance.


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