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Drainage Handling 101: Things You Shouldn’t Put Down Your Drains

Blocked drains are among the most common emergency plumbing cases that we handle almost every day. A clogged kitchen sink, toilet or bath can be a disaster if not fixed as quickly as possible. That’s why, we here at Aqua Maintain always make sure that we are on time and are able to deliver prompt solutions to our clients.

However, clogged drains can be minimised if you are careful of what you are putting down through your drains. To help you, we have listed below some of the things that can cause clogging and shouldn’t be thrown into any type of drainage.

1. Ground Coffee and the Likes – Coffee, as well as other similar ground food items are like sand. Although they can be washed away with water, most will sink on the bottom of pipes. This will narrow down the passageway for water and other debris causing clogs.

2. Food Bits – Food items, even in their smallest sizes, can still cause clogs. You may think that they can be washed away by water, but they will continuously accumulate up to point of blocking the pipes.

3. Grease, Lards or Oils from Cooking – These types of substance thicken and can cause other objects to get stuck causing a larger clog. This is very common on kitchen sinks.

4. Pasta, Bread & Rice – These food items will expand when soaked in water. Which means they can clog up your drainage pipes resulting to a blocked drainage.

5. Stickers – When washing fresh fruits and veggies straight from the grocery, avoid tossing price stickers or product labels into the sink. These can stick with other objects and can create larger clumps that can cause clogging.

6. Hair and Strings – Hair strands, may it be from human, pet, dolls, or even from pillows, including strings and other similar stuff should be kept away from your shower drain or in your bath. If these objects are mixed with soap suds, it will result to clogging. Also, make sure that an adequate filter is in place on all your bathroom drains.

7. Sanitary Products – Bathroom items such as napkins, dental flosses, swabs, cotton balls, wipes and paper towels should also be disposed on rubbish bins and not on drains.

8. Liquid Adhesives – Liquid adhesive like glue or paste shouldn’t be disposed through your drains. These materials can harden inside the drainage pipes which can be a destructive obstruction.

But of course, even with these handy tips, blocked drains can sometimes be unavoidable especially if you have children at home. Just always remember – when clogging happens, do not try to solve the problem on your own or you may worsen the situation. You should call the experts who can provide the right solutions. Contact us here at Aqua Maintain! We have a team of emergency plumbers who can come to your aid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We cover the whole Melbourne, including the Western Suburbs.


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