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What Plumbing Problems Are Considered as Emergency?

For common household members, everything that goes wrong with your gas, water supply or drainage system at home may look like an emergency. Well, this is not always the case. While it is important that you call professional plumbers for all plumbing problems, there are some cases wherein you need instant fix to the problem – as in right away! When you encounter these problems, make sure to contact our emergency plumbers at once.

Broken Tap

If your kitchen or bathroom taps malfunction and won’t shut off, you are left with a problem of continuously flowing water on your lavatory or sink. Although this problem is simple and only requires a minor replacement, this should be fixed right away – especially if the tap doesn’t have its own shut off valve. You should turn off the main valve of your main water supply system and call emergency plumbing experts right away!

Ruptured Pipes

A burst pipe is somewhat similar to a broken tap as you’ll be facing a problem with continuously flowing water. But this time, it’s more complicated. Depending on the severity of the burst or the underlying cause of the problem, the pipe and other plumbing fixtures may require minor or extensive replacement. Same as with a broken tap, shut of your home’s main water line right away and call emergency plumbers.

Toilet Problems

If you have a toilet problem at home, whether it is a clog or an overflowing tank, you should contact emergency plumbers at once. This is to avoid possible consequences such as water damage to the affected area. And of course, these problems also spell a cleaning disaster for you. If it is about an overflowing tank, turn off the shut off valve which is usually located under the tank. On the other hand, if it is a clogged toilet, do not unclog it yourself and wait for an emergency plumber who can examine it properly.

Gas Leak

A gas leak, may it be minor or severe, is a very serious problem. This should be fixed at the very soonest time to avoid accidents. Signs of leaking gas include a hissing or whistling sound near gas appliances or gas lines and the presence of strong gas odour. If you suspect that there is a gas leak at your home, turn off the main valve of your gas system. Call emergency plumbers so that the problem will be sorted out immediately.

Wall Damage

If you notice moisture on the walls of your home, especially the areas where water lines are located, there is a possibility of a leaking pipe inside the wall interior. This means that the wall has been damaged by the water leaking out from the line. Well, if this is the case, you should get the problem examined at once. Shut off the main valve of your water line and call a professional plumber.

When you encounter these plumbing problems at home, avoid doing DIY fixes especially if you are not skilful enough for the job. Solving the problem on your own may result to complicating it further rather than fixing it. Save yourself from the hassle and get a fast repair by acquiring the assistance of our emergency plumbers. Call us on (03) 9369 3707 right away! We service the areas of Point Cook, Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Altona and the surrounding Western Melbourne suburbs.


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